National Heroes Park: Relive tradition; see the Changing of the Guards. Magnificent sculptures and monuments to our National Heroes and other prominent Jamaicans are featured.

The Blue Mountains & John Crow Mountains: Within its boundaries are several fantastic attractions, places of interest, restaurants and cafés. Visit the Newcastle Military Camp for a panoramic view of our island paradise.

A stop at Hollywell or Cinchona National Parks for hiking, bird watching or just plain relaxing with magnificent views of the Blue Mountains and Kingston. Climb The Blue Mountain Peak towering over the island, over 7000 feet above sea level is a vista so surreal.

For the culinary adventurer: visit Gap CaféThe Heritage Garden at Cold SpringsEits RestaurantCafé BlueCrystal Edge or the restaurant at Strawberry Hill Hotel in the Blue Mountain region. The menus are truly unique and each spot offers a signature dish.

Visit the old capital of Spanish Town for a history lesson in architecture and see the influence of the Spanish when they once ruled Jamaica.

Enjoy nature’s paradise at Castleton Botanical Gardens and National Park

Take a driving tour pass the home of the Queen’s representative in Jamaica – The Governor General at King’s House; The Prime Ministers’ home: Vale Royal or his place of business Jamaica House. See the site where Parliament meets at Gordon House. Visit Independence Park and see internationally famous track Gods and Goddesses immortalized in bronze.

Cranbrook Peacock